We make and invest in
disruptive software

Purpose-driven products that aggressively
optimize business operations

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What We Do


Our software transforms outdated processes into fully optimized workflows setting new work standards and creating a culture of efficient communications and operations.

We are committed to innovation across mobile, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, the metaverse, the Internet of things, and software as a service.

Investment Criteria

We invest in purpose-driven software with high-growth potential. Our products are designed to set the standards of how work is done, making them essential for efficient operations.

  • Early stage
  • Purpose-driven
  • Disruptive technology
  • Create an efficient work culture
  • Set new operational standards

Portfolio Companies


Leadership Team

Our founder’s team have over 20 years of experience building software applications for Fortune 100 corporations.

Jorge Campos
Jorge Campos
Manuel Gonzalez
Manuel Gonzalez
Mobin Varghese
Mobin Varghese

Our Values

Gotha’s foundation is our strong principle. To be a Goth is to live by 20 principles we call Gothisms. These are the ideals that guide us and make us exceptional.

If It Can Be Better It Must Be Better

We Deliver Quality Every Time


Always Be Closing (ABC)

Keep It Simple Stupid

We Eat Our Own Dog Food

Constantly Raising Our Level Of Awareness

Keep The Sense Of Urgency

Every Client Every Time No Exceptions No Excuses

Yes Before No

Develop Yourself

Ignore The Noise


It Is Not About WHO is Right
It Is About WHAT Is Right


Innovation Is Rewarded Execution Is Worshiped


Do The Right Thing


We Will Figure It Out


Winking At Your Crush In The Dark


Test Everything Then Test It Again


Today’s Excellence is Tomorrow’s Mediocrity


Make A Decision